A Pre-approval – for any purpose – must be reliable

Move forward with confidence with a pre-approval

A pre-approval for purchasing property can be an important step in the process. There are many steps before purchasing a property, from saving for the deposit through to researching interest rates and choosing a neighbourhood. However obtaining a loan pre-approval is one of the most important steps of all.

这个过程很简单, but it is also critical as a necessity prior to house hunting and negotiation. There is no better way to move forward with confidence than with pre-approval, but it is also important to be aware of its limitations.


Also known as conditional approval or indicative approval, this ‘in principle’ agreement comes without guarantees but with many conditions. A loan pre-approval is an indication from a lender that if all goes well with your formal application, 然后贷款人就会批准你的贷款. 提供这个预先批准, the lender will verify some of your financial information and tell you an expected loan size for you to work with when you look at properties. 这一切似乎都是在浪费时间, however pre-approval from a reliable source is the only way to obtain an accurate understanding of your mortgage limits.


The two types of pre-approvals in Australia are full or manual assessment, and system generated or on-the-spot assessment. A full or manual assessment is the reliable way to go. This kind of assessment normally takes several days and requires significant paperwork. 与此形成鲜明对比的是, although they may be available within the hour, system generated or on-the-spot pre-approval is often nothing more than a sales technique. Even though some automated pre-approvals require documentation, proper checks are not carried out.

Despite the conditional nature of the pre-approval process, banks and other lenders do require documentation. Along with a standard 100-point identification check, lenders may carry out a credit check and ask for proof of income, 就业, 储蓄, 资产, 和债务. Reliable pre-approval also involves a background check and the completion of an extensive application form.


As with all business activities, it is crucially important to ask questions. The first question to ask is: Is my pre-approval reliable? After you do your own research or speak with a financial advisor such as 澳门威尼斯人官网, 向你的贷款人询问你的问题. 不要退缩. Has your application been through a credit check? Has it been approved by the lender’s insurer? What conditions are there that could lead to a decline, or a cancellation, of your application? 而预先批准是很好的第一步, your mortgage approval can still be declined if your situation changes, 该房产不符合某些条件, 贷款人的保险公司拒绝接受, or if it expires after waiting the common three or six-month period.


The Australian housing market is extremely diverse and competitive, with pre-approval helping you set a realistic budget, 过滤你的搜索, 把你最好的一面展现出来. If you are pre-approved by your lender for a specific amount, you know you must limit your house hunting to properties under that limit. 这个过程可能会让人清醒, but it provides you with a realistic understanding of how much you can spend. 在某些情况下,它能帮你节省时间. 而且要事先批准, in negotiations potential sellers and agents will be much more likely to see you as a serious buyer.

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